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We Need Your Support

Join us as we embark on a pivotal church building project.

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Over the past 6 years, our humble church has been a beacon of transformation, touching lives with unwavering faith and compassion. Through dynamic biblical teachings and impactful outreaches, we’ve made a tangible difference. From our Back-to-School Drive ensuring bright futures to our Thanksgiving Turkey Drive spreading joy, and our Clothing and Food Drive providing warmth and sustenance, our commitment to the community is resolute.

Why We Are Building

With our growth comes the need to expand our current facilities to serve our members and the community better. With every life touched, our journey gains momentum, reinforcing the urgency of widening our reach and engagement at large. This heartfelt mission is what calls us to build a new home for DIC Cypress Church, a cornerstone of strength for both our cherished congregation and the wider community. This project is more than a building, it’s about breathing life into dreams. In this regard, we are soliciting your donation to allow us to acquire the new Church building for the much-needed space and to enhance our church’s capacity to serve our community further.

To actualize this vision, we require $6,000,000 (Six Million Dollars). Our vision knows no bounds, echoing the expansiveness of our hearts. Yet, we can’t realize this alone. Your compassionate alliance is paramount. Your contribution is more than a donation; it’s an investment in the future, a testament to the transformation that compassion can ignite. As we extend our invitation for you to be a cornerstone of this incredible journey, we are humbled and deeply grateful for your consideration. Ready to give? Click here!

How Your Support Helps

Imagine a space where friendships are forged, families find solace, and seekers discover their purpose under the umbrella of God’s love. Envision a sanctuary that resonates with the echoes of heartfelt worship, profound teachings, and transformative gatherings. Our new building will be more than bricks and mortar – it will be a haven of our shared aspirations, a testament to the power of unity, and a beacon of hope for all. Your invaluable support is a lifeline for this vision. By standing with us, you’re not just contributing funds; you’re fostering a sanctuary of compassion, growth, and shared humanity. Join hands with us as we build anew and breathe life into our aspirations. Your generosity is a beacon that guides us forward, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation on behalf of the entire DIC Cypress Church family. Accelerate Your Giving by clicking here to swiftly donate!

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