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Meet Our Pastors

Welcome to DIC Cypress, where Kola and Sarah lead with unwavering dedication and a deep commitment to transforming lives. As the dynamic lead pastors of our community, Kola and Sarah embody compassion, resilience, and a profound faith that inspires all who encounter them.

Kola and Sarah’s journey in leadership is marked by a steadfast vision to uplift and empower individuals to live lives of purpose and abundance. With their guidance, Dominion International Center, Cypress has become a beacon of hope and inspiration, where the values of love, acceptance, and inclusivity are not just preached, but lived out authentically.

Their leadership extends beyond the church walls, as they tirelessly work to bridge the gap between God and His people, fostering genuine connections and restoring the body of Christ. Their passion for community outreach and service knows no bounds, as they actively seek opportunities to make a positive impact in the lives of those around them.

But perhaps what truly sets Kola and Sarah apart is their genuine warmth and humility. Despite their remarkable achievements and influential leadership roles, they remain approachable and relatable, creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed, accepted, and valued.

At DIC Cypress, Kola and Sarah’s leadership isn’t just about leading a congregation – it’s about building a family rooted in faith, love, and purpose. Come join us as we journey together towards a life of absolute dominion and prosperity in every aspect of life.