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Building Project

This project is more than a building, it’s about breathing life into dreams. In this regard, we are soliciting your donation to allow us to acquire the new Church building for the much-needed space and to enhance our church’s…

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Step into the nurturing embrace of DIC Cypress, a sanctuary dedicated to fostering collective empowerment through compassionate counseling and heartfelt prayer sessions. Life’s challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming, whether you’re navigating your spiritual path, tending to your mental…

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Serve at DIC

At DIC Cypress, our driving purpose is to provide unwavering biblical and spiritual guidance for every individual’s journey in life. We recognize that within our own lives and families, complex decisions often arise amidst a maze of bewildering…

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As we build our church community and individual lives centered around the Gospel of Jesus, we will discover that our true relationship with Christ entails a serious commitment to the become his disciples. Dominion Discipleship Class Our Dominion…

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Church is now fully open!

As of January 2023, all services are now both in-person and online. In-person services may at any given time choose to follow COVID safety guidelines. ~ “Dear friends and members of our DIC Cypress, We are thrilled to…

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